Student Poster Competition

Dear Students

 If you have submitted and have been accepted to present a poster at the ‘SORGHUM IN THE 21ST CENTURY’ conference.  You are now eligible to enter the Sorghum Conference Poster Competition. There is no age limit for this competition, but you must be a current registered Masters or Doctoral student at a tertiary institution and be registered and paid for the conference.

 There are two wonderful mystery prizes,

 kindly donated by the Southern African Grain Laboratory (SAGL)

 N.B. Judging for the poster competition is to be completed ahead of the actual conference. 

 In order to enter you must send a pdf file of your actual poster (not a screen shot or copy) on one page only, along with an image of your 2018 student card to Dr Janet Taylor (, by Friday 16 March (no extensions). 

 The pdf posters will then be sent out to a team of experienced judges.  Each poster will be judged by at least 3 judges and the chair of the judging panel will have the deciding vote in the event of a tie.  No correspondence will be allowed.  The winner will be announced on day 1 of the conference.

 Get creative and good luck to you all.

Dr Janet Taylor
Member of the Sorghum Conference International Organizing Committee


Poster Competition Judging Criteria

 Scientific and Technical content – we are looking for good science, well executed and understood but in brief using flow charts and illustrations rather than lots of text

Less is better, rather describe a small area of your research well, than everything that you have done.  The emphasis should be on the finding and what they mean in terms of what is already known and shown in the literature- concentrate on the science.

Clear statement of Problem (This should be in the Introduction)

Clear statement of Objective

Brief description of scientific methods used

Results with statistical analysis and discussed in terms of the science

Conclusions-not just a repeat of results

Potential impact of results-take home message

Did the presenter know the science of the subject matter?


Visual impact and clarity of presentation

Was the poster creative and visually attractive?

Could the text be easily read, were the graphs and figures clear and easy to understand?

The amount of text is important-we are not looking for a scientific paper printed as a poster, rather creative ways to get the science across to the reader

Was the order of the text easy to follow?

Were suitable illustrations and figures used e.g. flow chart to describe methodology used instead of lots of text