Abstract Submissions

Any students who have already submitted an abstract in one of the 5 conference themes but wish to submit an abstract to the 3 Minute Thesis Competition, please notify Lethishan@turnersconferences.co.za and mclarenn@ufs.ac.za.
Abstract submissions are now closed!

Invitation from the Scientific Programme Committee

As the chair of the Scientific Programme Committee, I encourage sorghum researchers worldwide to submit abstracts on their research for consideration of inclusion in them meeting. This is a rare opportunity to showcase your research to the world sorghum community.

Prof David Jordan
University of Queensland
Scientific Programme Committee Chairman

“Sorghum in the 21st Century: Food, Feed and Fuel in a Rapidly Changing World” will be the first global sorghum conference in over 30 years and will offer a key opportunity for the world’s sorghum community to come together around research, industry and the future of sorghum science. The need for cross-border collaboration and exploration of cutting-edge technologies and developments is great, and these priorities will be held central throughout the body of the conference.

Five main sub-themes will drive the conference content and conversation and are as follows:

  • Accelerating progress in advanced breeding for improved crop adaptation to climate risks
  • Improving productivity and increasing profitability to expand opportunities across global markets
  • Enhancing resilience in the face of biotic and abiotic challenges
  • Tackling key issues in food security and farming systems for improved livelihoods for the smallholder farmers
  • Exploring the future of the value-added: Nutrition, biofuels and feedstuffs for evolving consumer demands

Abstracts of original research, for presentation as oral or poster presentations, or covering topics of commercial appeal are invited to be presented at the conference. Submissions must be original, topical and current. Original research abstracts are defined as those that cover specific, new and original research. Commercial appeal abstracts can be defined as abstract not covering original research but rather focus on new applications of scientific research, review type abstracts, market research, consumer trends, regulatory guidelines or abstracts with a generic appeal to industry, academia or consumers. Commercial appeal submissions are not intended for advertising specific products, companies or services.

How to submit an abstract:

All abstracts must be submitted online through the online submission system. The submission system is comprised of a number questions relating to your submission.

Once you are ready to submit your abstract, click on the button to submit an abstract at the top or bottom of this page. You will be redirected to a submission form. You will have the option to amend a previous submission or you can make a new submission.

Complete the questions on the submission form. The questions marked with an * are mandatory and you will not be able to complete your submission if these questions are not completed.

When you get to the Abstract* question, please do not enter the title of your abstract in this box (this would have been entered in the previous question), do not enter the authors or affiliations (these will be entered in the next question). This box is for the body text of your abstract only.

You will need to select a theme based on the 5 sub-themes mentioned above. If you cannot identify the theme that you think best suits your submission, please select “other”.

Once your form is completed, please click the submit button. A confirmation email will be sent to you confirming your submission and will include a reference number.

If you wish to withdraw a submission or require assistance please contact Lethisha Narayan – Lethishan@turnersconferences.co.za