Call for Abstracts
We are pleased to announce that abstract submissions are now open!

Abstracts of original research for presentation as oral or poster presentations, or covering topics of commercial appeal are invited to be presented at the conference.

The five main sub-themes that will drive the conference content and conversation are as follows:
  • Accelerating progress in advanced breeding for improved crop adaptation to climate risks
  • Improving productivity and increasing profitability to expand opportunities across global markets
  • Enhancing resilience in the face of biotic and abiotic challenges
  • Tackling key issues in food security and farming systems for improved livelihoods for the smallholder farmers
  • Exploring the future of the value-added: Nutrition, biofuels and feedstuffs for evolving consumer demands

It is a rare and fantastic opportunity to showcase research to the world sorghum community. Abstract submissions must be done online at or contact Lethisha Narayan.

The deadline for abstract submissions is 31 October 2017.

"Food, Feed and Fuel in a Rapidly Changing World"